Selling a Business

1. Presenting your business

At any one time, there are literally thousands of businesses on the open market. In order for your business to stand out to potential buyers, it is essential that it is presented in the best possible light.

At Knightsbridge, we pride ourselves on a ‘best in class’ presentation of your business. From the initial wording of your adverts to the description of the business within our literature and the digital imagery used, every detail is considered, discussed and agreed with the purpose of achieving maximum impact in the market.

If Knightsbridge is instructed to sell your business, we can offer a number of documents to aid your sale. Subject to the approach required, Knightsbridge will produce at least one of the documents shown below: click to expand

+ Sales Particulars

+ Glossy Brochures

+ Information Memorandum

+ Video Marketing

2. Finding your buyers

In order to achieve the optimum value for your business it is essential that we place your business in front of as many buyers and intermediaries as possible.

At Knightsbridge we believe that our buyer reach has developed over the last 18 years to be the most comprehensive and far reaching in the industry and is designed to achieve optimum results for our clients.

In order to find your perfect buyer, Knightsbridge will utilise the following: click to expand

+ Matching and emailing system

+ Online portals

+ E-magazine

+ Knightsbridge website

+ Online exposure

+ Trade publications

+ Buyer mailshots

+ For sale board

+ Research team

+ Professional network

+ Multiple and Corporate buyers

+ Social media

3. Managing your sale

We place an immense importance on assisting you all the way through to completion, as it is only then that our job is done.

Our team of negotiators will maintain regular dialogue between all the parties and ensure that the true benefits of the business are understood. Once offers are received, we will evaluate them and discuss them with you in detail to determine if they meet your expectations and negotiate the best possible terms for you. We will also provide advice and assistance with buyer meetings in order to ensure you are fully prepared.

We can introduce you to suitable solicitors and can even include legal fees within our fee structure, so that you know the full extent of fees payable upon completion of the sale.

Knightsbridge will also assist the buyer wherever possible with legal, accountancy and financial partners in order to ensure a smooth process. It is important to remember that many buyers have never purchased a business before and part of our service is to provide them with the necessary help and guidance in order to complete a transaction.

Our team will help you with all the required paperwork and assist with ‘Heads of Agreement’, which is where the main details of the sale are agreed in writing by both parties.

Our process ensures that momentum is maintained throughout the process and that timelines set out are adhered to.

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