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Knightsbridge offers a truly national coverage with Associate Directors in key strategic locations across the UK, providing local knowledge with the backing and exposure of a national business sales brokerage.

We employ over 70 dedicated and long serving staff within Advertising, Marketing, Research, Negotiation and Customer focused roles, ensuring high levels of personal service throughout the process.

  • Our marketing and advertising abilities are unrivaled in the industry and ensures that your business receives the widest possible exposure to potential buyers.
  • We produce industry leading sales documentation that highlights to potential buyers the most attractive and appealing attributes of your business.
  • We listen carefully to your requirements and reasons for sale in order to provide a service that is tailored to your particular needs.
  • Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t charge you a withdrawal fee should you change your mind about selling your business - that’s how confident we are that you will be delighted with our service.

Our Service

At any one time, there are thousands of business on the open market. Knightsbridge Business Sales understands that, in order for your business to stand out, it is essential that it is presented in the best possible light.

Here at Knightsbridge Business Sales, we take care to produce a number of high-quality presentational documents, each detail of which Is carefully considered and reviewed. Our team of skilled document writers and marketing professionals will work closely with you to ensure that each document is approved to deliver maximum impact in the market.

If Knightsbridge is instructed to sell your business, Knightsbridge will produce at least one of the documents shown below, subject to the approach required: (click to expand)

This is the most popular selling document and provides a detailed insight into both the commercial and financial details of your business, highlighting its key attributes. This document is primarily designed for retail, catering, beauty and licensed and leisure businesses.

In certain circumstances, we create a detailed and professional enhanced brochure for a business. This 4 or 8 page document will provide comprehensive information regarding the business and its financials. If appropriate, the final product can also be printed on high quality laminate.

Our aim is to maximise the levels of buyer interest for your business, and in order to do so we place your business in front as many buyers and intermediaries as possible.

Over the last 20 years, through a combination of superior marketing techniques and expert buyer identification practices, Knightsbridge Business Sales have developed and refined its buyer reach programme.

In order to find your perfect buyer, Knightsbridge will utilise the following: (click to expand)

Our tailored matching and emailing system matches your business against the requirements of our buyers and automatically alerts them to the opportunity.

Knightsbridge Business Sales utilise a wide selection of online portals to ensure your business reaches maximum levels of exposure.

These portals include but aren't limited to:

  • Daltonsbusiness - allows buyers to search for businesses for sale against a range of different criteria.
  • BusinessesForSale.com - with over 1 million monthly visitors, this is one of the most popular websites for buying and selling a business.
  • Rightbiz - is the UK's largest business for sale database.
  • Rightmove - is the UK's number one property website for properties for sale.

With a regular circulation of more than 65,000, our quarterly e-magazine is distributed amongst our registered buyers, as well as trade acquirers, institutional buyers and private equity/ venture capitalists.

The publication showcases all new-to-market opportunities, as well as the latest 'star businesses' and price reductions.

Generating over 220,000 unique visitors each year, with 60,000 page views per month, the Knightsbridge website is the ideal location for gaining wider exposure.

Our website is optimised to make it easier for buyers to search for a business for sale using our sophisticated 'matching' service'. We also feature businesses on a regular basis, giving your business an extra platform to stand-out.

Each month there are more than 100,000 online searches from buyers within the UK looking for businesses for sale.

In addition to the multiple online portals utilised, Knightsbridge Business Sales undertakes significant online advertising with the top search engines, resulting in more exposure for your business.

From time-to-time, Knightsbridge Business Sales advertise in a range of local, regional and national press to trade specific media and directories, again, ensuring maximum exposure through targeting buyers via a specific location or industry.

Our buyer mailshot system targets over 72,000 potential acquirers each year, finding 'off market' buyers who perhaps were not actively looking to acquire until presented with an opportunity.

As long as you have no confidentiality restrictions around the sale of your business, for sale boards can be highly effective in generating interest from the local community.

On average, businesses with a for sale board receive 20% more enquiries than those without.

Knightsbridge Business Sales retains a database of over 10,000 professional contacts who represent active purchasers for businesses across all sectors. These contacts include: accountants, lawyers and investment groups.

We also maintain a variety of 'multiple' and corporate buyers such as supermarkets, restaurant chains and pub chains who are looking for businesses to enlarge their portfolio.

If authorised to do so, we will advertise your business across our ever-growing social media platforms, which are proving increasingly popular with buyers, giving us access to many forms of buyer types and allowing us to actively push opportunities to them.

Our social media activity includes: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+

Knightsbridge Business Sales place an immense importance ensuring that your expectations have been met throughout the process, which is why we assist you all the way through to completion.

Our team of dedicated negotiators will maintain regular dialogue between all parties involved, during each stage of the process; from the receiving of offers to assisting with the legal and financial aspect of the sale.

Once offers are received, our team will evaluate them and discuss them and determine whether they meet your expectations, as well going one-step further in negotiating the best possible terms for you.

Once a buyer requests a meeting, our team will also provide advice and assistance to prepare you for typical questions and scenarios, to ensure that the true benefits of your business are understood.

We can also introduce you to suitable solicitors and can even include legal fees within our fee structure, so that you know the full extent of fees payable upon completion of the sale.

Knightsbridge Business Sales will also assist the buyer wherever possible with legal, accountancy and financial partners to ensure a smooth process. It is important to remember that many buyers have never purchased a business before and part of our service is to provide them with the necessary help and guidance to complete a transaction.

Our team will also help you with all the required paperwork and assist with ‘Heads of Agreement’, which is where the main details of the sale are agreed in writing by both parties.

Our process ensures that momentum is maintained throughout and that timelines set out are adhered to, but above all, that your expectations are met and your objectives delivered by our team.

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