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The need for confidentiality is undoubtedly a key consideration and is very much a cornerstone of our service. When entering this process, some of our clients can be concerned about their employees, customers, suppliers and competitors potentially finding out that their company is for sale.

Our processes and systems are designed and proven to prevent such problems occurring. Every one of our employees is fully trained in all aspects of the required confidentiality procedures and discretion is assured from the moment we first speak, to the day the transaction completes.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally binding document between the buyer and Knightsbridge. The agreement ensures that the buyer adheres to a number of strict criteria regarding any confidential information relating to your business.

Confidential information can relate to financial information, trading name, location, customer information and supplier information.

The agreement forbids the potential buyer to disclose, share or make the information available to any other party and it must be used solely to evaluate the opportunity.

Tier 1:

Based on the information supplied and obtained, Knightsbridge will make an informed decision on whether or not we feel that a potential buyer is suitable for your business, and whether further information should be released to them.

Tier 2:

This level puts you firmly in control of who has access to your company’s sensitive commercial information. Once the NDA has been signed, we will seek your authority before sending a potential buyer any confidential information. Prospective purchasers will not be provided with any sensitive or confidential information unless you authorise it.