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Once you have engaged with our services, our team will ensure that the whole process is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, from start to finish. You will be assigned to a highly skilled, experienced and qualified team of outstanding professionals who are completely dedicated and focused to deliver the best possible outcome for you, both in terms of price and deal structure.


Our first aim is to fully understand your objectives and what you want to achieve. We then need to comprehend the company in great detail from an operational, financial and strategic perspective. Only by doing this can we ensure that our bespoke service is specifically tailored to your requirements. We will undertake a full and in-depth client meeting in order to understand:

  • Shareholders’ objectives
  • Motivations and timescales for sale
  • Possible deal structures of interest
  • Confidentiality requirements
  • Detailed company review and assessment to determine key attributes and ‘value drivers’
  • Price expectations
  • Solution and service requirements


It is important to portray your business in the best possible light and, therefore, we will take care to produce a number of high quality presentational documents to illustrate the key aspects of your business. Our designated document writers and marketing professionals will work closely with you in the early stages to produce these documents. Each one will be drafted and sent to you for your review and approval, prior to being used at relevant strategic points within the process.

The ‘Teaser’ document will provide an overview of your business and its financials, alongside key benefits to the buyer, whilst maintaining confidentiality. This document will only include brief information so that buyers cannot be sure who we are referring to. This document will also be very carefully circulated.

The Information Memorandum (IM) that we will produce contains detailed commercial and financial information together with forward looking projections and current management information. This fully bespoke document is carefully considered and tailored to suit each business and sector.

We advertise across an array of publications all over the UK and online. Our marketing team can create a bespoke, distinctive and fully optimised advertisement to highlight the key selling points whilst maintaining the confidentiality of your business, if required.

If required, we can also produce a video presentation of your business which provides high impact visuals on all attributes of the business. These 90-second videos are highly engaging and are a great way of complementing the corresponding document.


Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive ‘Buyer Reach’ possible to maximise the level of buyer interest for your business. With a combination of superior marketing techniques and expert buyer identification practices, we will explore every possible avenue in our search for your perfect buyer.

Through an in-depth and comprehensive research process, we will identify suitable trade, competitive, complementary, strategic and synergistic buyers that we believe will have an appetite to consider your acquisition. We can access detailed information on over 7 million companies and historic transactions from the UK alone.

Institutional buyers would typically be defined as Private Equity, Venture Capitalists and investment companies. These types of buyers often invest into growth businesses or those complementary to other companies already within their portfolio.

Knightsbridge has built a comprehensive and industry leading buyer database of over 100,000 potential acquirers. Our database contains detailed acquisition profiles from private buyers through to multinational PLCs. We can expose your opportunity to buyers who we know are acquisitive, who have acquired previously and are typically pre-vetted from both a confidential and financial perspective.

We utilise up to 50 internet based Mergers & Acquisitions platforms and buyer forums which attract UK, European and Global buyers and advisors

By working with you to identify competitors, customers and suppliers, we can both include, and ignore, specific companies, if you would prefer. This joined-up approach utilising your significant industry knowledge, combined with our extensive research capabilities, ensures that we produce the most comprehensive buyer target list.

If relevant we will place generic details of your opportunity on a range of specialist company sale web portals. Similar to the ‘Teaser’ document mentioned earlier, buyers will not be able to establish that it is your firm that is up for sale.

We maintain a database of over 10,000 professional contacts that are actively representing clients who are acquisitive within the M&A market. These include: Corporate Financiers, Accountants, Lawyers and Buy Side Advisors. We maintain regular communication with these contacts, informing them of opportunities that we currently represent.